LinkedIn Pages empower your organization to engage the world's professional to share a high-level description of what makes you different, officially connect your business to existing employees, share updates on behalf of the business, and attract followers who’ll see your updates in their feed on job openings and business prospects.

LinkedIn doesn't provide contact information for companies but LinkedIn Company Extractor can find an email address and phone number from search engine and companies websites based on the extracted fields from LinkedIn.

"LinkedIn Company Extractor" is a desktop application to Extracts Company’s information Contact information (email, phone number available on google), Company Size, Followers, Website, Year founded, Industry, company type, Specialities, Address, postcode, and Country name, etc.

If you are a candidate and want to do a job in a company then you need all the companies’ detail. By following the company on LinkedIn you are interested to work with you can be notified whenever a new opportunity arises and apply for your desired job. Our LinkedIn company extractor will help you to approach the company directly.

As an alternative you can find someone who is an employee of that company like CEO, Manager, etc. and by contacting that person you can get access to the company.

If you are tired of scraping LinkedIn data which is incredibly difficult

Scraping data from LinkedIn is currently maybe the most difficult task because LinkedIn has very complicated data. But by using our LinkedIn Company extractor tool you do this very easily and in an authenticated manner. You get millions of company pages details and get them in your feed for hiring purposes.

Want to export LinkedIn data Into Excel sheets?

Are you tired of Copying LinkedIn company data Into Excel sheets? If yes then our LinkedIn Company Extractor tool is the best saving time. Extract the highly professional Company Leads from LinkedIn using our best Company Extractor software rather than exploring the site manually.

Avail the opportunity of the free trial before purchasing. check below link for Download

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