Why Mumbai Employees are The Toughest

Mumbai employees – who wake up and go to work with a smile on their face every day,

You completely deserve a shout out for your resilience and spirit.

You want to know why I’m saying this? Allow me to explain.

Commute Length – If you’re working in Mumbai, it is very likely that a good number of your colleagues (or even yourself) have really long commutes to work. In a lot of cases, it could easily be between 1-2 hours long – each way.
Intense Commute – The commute is less than comfortable. Especially true if you’re traveling by train. The crowd is pushed into a train, within it, and out of it and you may barely have enough space to tiptoe while being smashed between other commuters.
Disproportionate salary vs cost of living ratio – Cost of living is rising in major cities in the world and Mumbai is no different. Also considering that moving out of the house is not as common as it is in western countries, it is very likely that a regular family will consist of more than four members who live in very small spaces. They still manage to work with a smile on their face every day.
Hours worked per week – Working six days a week is the norm in India. Some people in the real estate industry work seven days a week as well. In many parts of the world, Saturday and Sundays are off, however, in Mumbai, People work hard.
There so many people sacrificing so much, working so hard, and putting in so much effort, that there’s so much opportunity here in Mumbai. No wonder it’s called “The City of Dreams”. Not everybody’s dream comes true, but there’s so much opportunity that I’m proud to be part of this city. I’m especially proud of the people that make Mumbai what it is today and just wanted to shout out to the people of Mumbai,

Mumbaikars, I’m proud of you!

#MoveForward with Jagaha.

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