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Before launching Jagaha.com, Mumbai’s commercial real estate portal, in April 2016, we examined the office space search experience on Magicbricks Mumbai & 99acres Mumbai and it has been about a year since then so we thought we would re-examine our competitors, Magicbricks Mumbai & 99acres Mumbai’s search experience for office spaces in Mumbai.

You will just have to take our word for it that we did a completely random search for office space in Mumbai (we know we have every reason to be biased against Magicbricks Mumbai & 99acres Mumbai, but we honestly did a genuine office for rent in Mumbai search). Our first and only search had a criteria that was Bandra West one lakh to two lakh office space for rent per month. So what did we come up with?

99acres Mumbai

Property 1: Platinum (meaning someone paid for it to be there) and there were 11 photos of the property in Mumbai, but not verified, 70 random locality photos

Property 2: Platinum with 1 picture of the office space and then 70 random locality photos

Property 3: Exact same as Property 2

Property 4: This one was the same as the previous two, except its one picture was just of a toilet. How nuts is that? Pretty funny too.

Property 5: Just one photo yet again of this alleged property in Mumbai.

Property 6: Why take multiple photos of the office space, when you can just take one? One again. Property 7: No property photos but still remains a platinum property

Property 8: Another no photo platinum property

Property 9 thru 12: Let’s save time here, each one of these office spaces don’t have pictures either. And are Platinum Status

Property 13: Ok we came across a beautiful office space in Bandra West…. But unfortunately the outside the window there are deciduous trees which don’t exist in Mumbai.

None of the above “office spaces” have been verified either. We did scroll down and property 20 something was actually verified.

We promise you this was our first search and did not set it up in any way shape or form. To be fair to 99acres Mumbai, we did the exact same office space search for Magicbricks Mumbai.

Magicbricks Mumbai

Property 1: the first office looks pretty good with 10 photos…. But the 1st photo of the office space is a “living room,” the next are the bathroom, kitchen, then garden and then 210 locality photos. The property seemed more like a house, but to be fair looked genuine… another but, can’t be for sure as the office space wasn’t verified.

Property 2: No picture but 210 locality photos!

Property 3: Five photos and initially looks nice, but looks like five different office space properties, we could be wrong, but at Jagaha we are the leader in Mumbai commercial real estate and we never come across wood flooring (very very rarely).

Property 4 to 13: to save time… out of these ten office properties only 4 had photos and like all the rest none of the office spaces were verified.

Not one of the Magicbricks Mumbai office properties were verified.

We know what you are thinking, you are biased… we of course are, but the above is 100% accurate and actually occurred. We literally just did the Bandra office search on both Magicbricks Mumbai and 99acres Mumbai. Take a look at Jagaha.com and you will see the difference when searching for office space in Bandra or if looking for office space for rent in the rest of Mumbai. We also do retail properties. We are a new Indian property site and focus only on commercial properties in Mumbai. We are not perfect either but our properties are 100% verified by a member of our property in Mumbai team — we do want to be as close to “perfect” as possible where we can save all time, energy and money. Let us know how we can improve the office space search process or the Mumbai commercial real estate search process in general at info@jagaha.com.

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