A smart watch is a portable device, specifically designed for the wrist. Just like a smartphone, a smartwatch has apps, uses a touchscreen and has the capability to record vital signs among other sensational features.

Various brands of smartwatch exist in the market but Samsung model has truly been amazing. Samsung smart watch impelled many consumers to truly appreciate the worth of wearing a computer-like gadget on the wrist.

Here are some of the feature that Samsung smart watch and other standard smartwatches offer.

Apps: besides the notifications display from the phone, the smart watch has the capability of supporting a wide range of apps for accomplishing a particular purpose.

Notifications: smartwatch has the capability to display notifications and alert on important activities or events.

Fitness tracking: this feature that can be explored by athletes or individual to monitor the heart rate and pedometer during a workout session.

GPS: comes with a GPS that allows user to track location or even obtain alerts on specific locations.

Enhanced battery life span: most smart watches comes with a good battery life that can run several hours. Samsung smart watch, on normal use, can last four days battery from a single charge.

Media management: paired with a smartphone, a smart watch can be used to manage media. #smartwatch #electronics

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