Swimming & Diving

  • Wetsuit – a garment that protects the swimmer against hypothermia and injuries of the skin. The wetsuit is used for various types of water sports, including spearfishing, diving, freediving, Windsurfing, as well as for diving. Choose a wetsuit with a mandatory fitting. It should fit exactly to the size and fit snugly to the body, like a second skin. Too bad free suit is warm, too close will be hard to breathe, leading to rapid fatigue of the swimmer.. [more]
  • WET SUIT VS DRY SUIT – DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WET SUIT AND DRY SUIT FOR DIVING Both wetsuits and drysuits are utilized for thermal insulation from cold, winter air, and water temperatures, and in the inland surf sports world are popular for year-round waterway surfing, wintertime wake surfing and whitewater standup paddleboarding. Both are intended to keep you warm and the main contrast is in the material and functionality.. [more]
  • Any recreational scuba divers are finding the fun and fervor an underwater metal detector can bring to their diving. Taking a detector to a site they’ve done many occasions before transforms it into a totally new encounter. https://howtodivescuba.com/best-underwater-metal-detector/[more]
  • What do you know about diving? How to choose a dive suit? How deep can you dive? Which fins and dive mask to choose, summer is coming be ready to dive! https://howtodivescuba.com/[more]
  • WHAT ARE MOST POPULAR DIVING JOBS 2020? Regardless of whether you need to travel, protect the oceans, or simply do what you love each day, you can assemble a water-based career with these eight jobs that include scuba diving. https://howtodivescuba.com/best-diving-jobs-scuba-diving-vs-commercial-diving-scuba-divers-salaries/[more]