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  • QUICK GUIDE FOR BUYING TREKKING SHOES Trekking shoes play a huge role on a trek. Therefore, your choice of trekking shoes can make your trek a blissful or blister-full experience based on how well it fits you. Your feet go through a lot during a trek, therefore it is crucial to make sure that they are equipped with the best gear. WHAT TO CONSIDER WHILE BUYING TREKKING SHOES? LOOK FOR ANKLE SUPPORT A pair of hiking shoes should have outstanding ankle support and a strong grip as their major characteristics. Trekking is a dangerous sport where tripping can result in serious injury. To take firm steps throughout the journey one must go for a pair of shoes with high mobility and grip. GO FOR THE LIGHTWEIGHT ONES One should choose a lightweight pair of trekking shoes in order to maintain energy and keep their feet light and stress-free. Using lightweight shoes would put less pressure on your feet, wouldn’t drain your energy, and help you avoid muscle fatigue WATER RESISTANCE IS IMPORTANT Different terrains have varying and unpredictable weather patterns. You need a pair of shoes that will keep your feet dry and cool whether you're hiking in the rain or close to a waterfall. Nobody wants to hike with soggy, wet feet, thus for a tranquil hike, you need a pair of water-resistant hiking boots RIGID YET FLEXIBLE IS THE CHOICE A major element of trekking is that every trek has a different terrain and a different environment. Choosing a pair of rigid yet flexible shoes that could survive under any kind of weather is all you need on a trek. A soft and flexible insole and rigid outsole can adapt to any terrain. CHOOSE THE RIGHT FIT Tedious trek in a harsh environment often causes a shoe bite. To avoid such incidents, buying the correct pair of shoes is very important. Going for a one-size bigger shoe than your normal size helps the toes to feel less stressed and avoids the risk of a shoe bite. TYPES OF TREKKING SHOES TO CHOOSE FROM: ● Day Hiking Shoes ● Hiking Boots ● Backpacking Hiking Shoes ● Trail Runners A good pair of trekking shoes is the most essential piece of equipment you will use while hiking. Visit to get your trekking shoes for men at affordable prices. Furo Sports has got an extensive range of outdoor hiking shoes, joggers shoes, running shoes, sandals, and much more. Check out Furo Sports today!

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