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  • newmero Math Toys Behind newmero is a "multi cultural" family, consisting of Christine (Icelandic / French) and Allan (Danish / Chinese), which together have 3 boys aged 4, 7 and 9 years. Allan has a Ph.D. and studied mathematics and computer science at Aarhus University in Denmark and Cornell. Christine holds an MBA from Copenhagen Business School. We got inspired to create newméro products while playing and rehearsing numbers with our children. We noticed that playing, touching, trading, and building numbers with others rather than alone was motivating. Our mission is simply: To address the global challenge of educating young children by improving their numeracy skills through developing innovative, robust and effective products that can be used by anyone, everywhere and anytime. The company is located in the North of Copenhagen, Denmark. Newmero bricks to learn math The newmero bricks are an innovative learning system designed to help your child understand math through fun, hands-on activities. With the newmero bricks, your child will have the opportunity to manipulate numbers and interact with them, helping them to develop confidence in their math skills. The newmero bricks make learning math easy, fast and fun. With the tactile, building blocks your child will be able to visualize and understand the numbers, boosting their self-confidence and giving them the skills to succeed in math for life. Math Games Check out also our fun Math card Games Koomi and Dragonfish to practice Addition and Subtraction. Get your set today and see your child's math skills soar. What can the newmero bricks teach? The pupils learn the numbers and basic math through play and hands-on exploration. The math context is: Number Sense [more]

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