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  • NTP STRATUMONE (TRUSTED TIME SOURCE) Time is not just an extraneous network service. Accurate time is essential to determining the order in which events occur and is a fundamental aspect of transaction integrity, logging/auditing, troubleshooting and forensics. Accurate, reliable time is necessary for financial and legal transaction, transportation and distribution systems, database management and many other applications involving widely distributed resources. Visit:
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  • RNTrust INTRODUCING EVERTRUST HORIZON EverTrust HorizonSeamless Certificate Lifecycle Automation Hub RNTRUST PRESENTS: EVERTRUST HORIZON A CENTRALLY MANAGED CERTIFICATE LIFECYCLE AUTOMATION EverTrust Horizon extends the capabilities of your existing PKI(s) so that you can manage certificates lifecycle automatically and from a central console. Horizon will take care of the issuance, renewal, and revocation of certificates hosted on servers, appliances, or PaaS solutions, supporting all current protocols: EST, SCEP, ACME, WCCE as well as management protocols from a wide range of third-party appliances and cloud services. Horizon, which is seamlessly integrated into your information system, allows PKI teams to manage certificate lifecycles while keeping service administrators in charge of the certificate data they require. Visit:
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  • We are leading IT/IS Consulting and Solution provider in Europe & Middle East IT industry is a source of many innovations and our experts are therefore never at ease, but are able to stand neck and neck with any global system integrator due to their continuous education, trainings and abundant work experiences. They are able to provide efficient services to both large Service Providers and Enterprise Customers. We approach any project, regardless of its size and demands, equally and practically forensically. A number of specialized teams works independently on the research of specific system issues, but the solutions are integrated into a perfectly harmonized whole in compliance with the principle of synergy. In the meantime, your Employees are able to dedicate themselves to your core business activities with maximum cost control and rationalization.Visit:

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