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  • How is outsourcing medical billing good for a business? Medical billing outsourcing optimizes a healthcare provider's resources by reducing human errors, ensuring prompt payments, and maintaining proper accounting. Healthcare providers often let experts handle the billing to ensure they comply with appropriate billing protocols and HIPAA compliance. Outsourcing medical billing helps businesses to, • Focus on patient care • Cut down billing errors • Improve customer service • Leverage expert consulting • Stay compliant legally • Keep abreast of billing and account process changes. Therefore, leverage PreludeSys’ medical billing services, a cost-effective way for healthcare providers to combat rising healthcare expenses and meet the growing demand for quality healthcare. For more info: [more]
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  • How much time will a medical record summary save my contingency law firm? Time saved by leveraging a medical record summary service depends on the client's requirements and the volume of records to be processed/managed. Given this fact, it is impractical to quantify the exact time you have asked for. However, it is a well-known fact that outsourcing your medical record reviews to a renowned third parties can save ample time in litigation and offload your review burdens. Medical records summaries serve attorneys with clear information on medical treatments, diagnosis, recommendations, suspected malpractices, disabilities, workers' compensation, and injuries. Getting a comprehensive medical record review from the professionals lets your law firm focus on the core aspects of litigation without worrying about its operations. PreludeSys, with two decades of experience is a renowned medical records review service provider that helps legal and non-legal firms to organize, analyze, and summarize medical records. Get in touch with us to know the time that we can save for your contingency law firm. For more info: [more]

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