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  • How many times has it happened that we look at Charles Boyle from Brooklyn 99 and think, "Oh man, I relate so much to Boyle!" Thinking out loud? No way, we only want to look cool like Jake Peralta from outside. But on the inside, we're all like Charles. Let us tell you a little bit about Boyle. A food connoisseur, clumsy buttery-hands detective who is maybe not quick witted but is very, very hard-working. He sounds like most of us, young corporates trying extremely hard to get their lives right but love to stress eat and drink. Talking about the clumsy, buttery hands, we all have been there and are still struggling through it as we hurry and leave it wherever we want to feed it some beautiful scratches and marks like how your life gives to you at every step of the way. Lo and behold, then comes the struggle of credit card which you will be using for buying another phone because you are definitely broke. And then...say hello to the beautiful, hefty EMIs! (on top of the other EMIs). So, before you sit in a corner with a glass of whiskey and start crying about your life, bosses and company for not paying you enough, please go get yourself a screen protector right now and DO NOT STACK UP YOUR EMIs! Link: [more]
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  • No, it is real! It is permanent. The deed is done and there is no going back. Your priced possession just got a nick and it feels right in your soul. Placing your key alongside your phone was a mistake, surely. What's a bigger mistake? Not caring to suit up your mobile all this while. Did you know that our screen protectors have healing properties? Yes! they are made with special ingredients from Amazon forest and Himalayan Everest. Your kid dropped the phone? You hate yourself for not remembering how you scratched your phone? Welcome to the end of your worries. We've got your perfect skin. Checkout our full body protectors that prevent your mobiles from giving you heart-breaks (or you giving yourself). [more]
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  • Ever wondered about your first walk of fame into the office where you flashed your latest Smart Phone intentionally yet subtly in front of your colleagues? Given a thought about why those envious eyes are now throwing mean looks at your phone? My friend, You have been too immersed in flaunting your phone on various surfaces forgetting the scratches endured by the phone which now makes it look like it battled against Thanos. It's end game(pun intended)for scratches. Skin up your Smart Phone in our ultra -clear and ultra - thin protector for all sides of your phone. The added grip makes it easier for you to carry your phone even while walking in the cafeteria loaded with food in your hands. Customize your skin to your liking. Let us be the Guardian to your Galaxy! Get your hands on the all new Gadgetshieldz screen protectors making all parts fully accessible. Get the show running! [more]

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