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  • Basics of drawing (line, shadow, edge, position on the page) Many drawing people know that they need to constantly work on their technique in order to grow and improve. This is important for many creative professions: illustrators, architects, artists, sculptors, designers and even tattooists! Work with graphics is the basis of art, allowing the artist not only to see, but also capture the desired image in a line, shadow, contour and gesture. Learn to draw - and you'll never be the same again You can study the drawing in various interesting ways. You can enroll in courses aimed at drawing from life, where you will be taught how to work with quick sketches, and in longer classes they will show how to be able to catch the movements and gestures of the sitter. You can continue to draw on your own, simply by taking paper and a pencil, using the means of sketches to study the world around. You will get acquainted with various art tools with the help of which graphics are created: pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen and ink. If you want to learn how to draw realistic shapes, each time you pick up a pencil, you should turn to special techniques that develop the skill of drawing. First of all, you need to start with observation and hand-eye coordination - learn how to transfer what you saw on paper. Then you can go to the image of different types of figures, learn how they move, and what poses they can take. Then work with the painting, and do not forget about the daily sketches in the sketchbook. The life of a graphic artist is an ongoing practice. This is really hard work, but the reward for it is high - the ability to draw whatever you want! [more]

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