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  • What About Insulin? Does Camel Milk Have It? If Yes, Where to Purchase It has been shown that people with diabetes (types 1 and 2) who consume camel milk have lower blood sugar levels and greater insulin sensitivity. Camel milk may have anti-diabetic benefits because it contains proteins similar to insulin. Insulin is an essential hormone for managing blood sugar levels. On, you may purchase 100 percent natural frozen and powdered milk. Visit our store [more]
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  • Does Camel Milk Contains Vitamin D? The camel is one of the most prominent and environmentally sound domesticated animals in Asia and Africa's desert regions. Camel milk contains around twice as much vitamin A as cow milk and is rich in riboflavin and vitamin D. Taking two cups of camel milk every day can give you 160% of your recommended intake of vitamin D (5 g) and riboflavin (0.5 mg). Additionally, this milk may satisfy the bulk of human nutritional mineral needs because its mineral concentration is substantially comparable to that of human milk. Visit [more]
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  • Is It True That Camel Milk Soap Lightens The Skin If you have been using various beauty products for things like acne, skin irritation, skin whitening, and so on, you can safely stop using them and replace them with camel milk soap. There are countless advantages of using camel milk soap for the skin. So, why not ditch chemical bottles today? Buy camel milk soap from website. [more]

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