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  • OK, so EA developers let me talk to other players, and I think it will help more people get into Madden 20 as soon as possible. The cost of having a system to transfer coins from Madden 19 to 20 is 20%, so if I spend 100 coins to transfer them to Madden 20, it costs 20 coins, and then I get 80 coins on Madden 20. This will allow players to have a way to get their team started rather than back to zero, which makes many of us reluctant to build this team in the 1990s or higher, thus losing everything in the new version: [more]
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  • I recently had a problem because my mut coins couldn't be returned to me after the auction house bid was higher. I've been waiting for a refund for more than three years because it usually takes me a while. It would be nice if the support staff could get in touch with me, because I didn't get a call from them when they wrote back that they couldn't get in touch with me. As I am very annoyed with the whole situation and communication, thank you very much for EA's support: [more]
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  • I can recommend gamems to you very much. There is already a recommended answer. I recommend it again because the site is very good. Of course, there are many stores on the Internet that can buy Madden 20 coins. You can find many such stores through Google, but when you experience different stores, you will feel different experiences brought by different stores. You have to talk about the delivery speed of some stores is very slow, and their customer service is impatient. I'm very glad that gamems still insists on their high-quality service, which makes me very happy, so I recommend it to you. It's worth your experience and can't be missed. You can buy MUT Coins at: [more]

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