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  • The growth of clinical research is growing day by day. In India, the development of clinical research performs various positive approvals, which has become a proven example for clinical trials, greater transparency digitization, etc. Once you're done with your BDS in clinical research, there are many opportunities, and even there are good opportunities after completing your degree in any of the bachelor courses such as medicine, pharmacy, or biotechnology. What is the clinical research after your BDS? You can do a clinical program from various graduates such as BAC holders or even do it after your BDS. It is a health care branch wherein you have to identify and examine multiple safety measures, proper drugs and medication, health care devices, the structure of treatment diagnosis treatment products, and Maria. These things are safe for human beings. Once you are done with your clinical research courses, you can work as a medical advisor, drug developer, treatment researcher, drug maker, treatment investigator, data project manager, etc. Scope in clinical research after BDS 1. Clinical research physician The clinical research physician is the one who assigns the responsibility of clinical study and agreement and prepares a complete clinical development plan. Clinical research physicians play a significant role, and they make the base strong by analyzing and preparing the program for future diagnostic and therapeutic development. 2. Medical writer The role of a medical writer is to compile all the information and organize them accurately to form a new product for the proper process. They need to coordinate with various employees of the front apartment and collect data and information about them and right in the form of informative content. 3. Regulatory affair officer Regulatory officers are the mediator between companies and the regulatory authorities. They ensure that all the products are appropriately distributed and manufactured to the concerned authorities for the given legislation and law. Their duties areas:- ● Studying scientific data and understanding legal documents ● having a good knowledge of product range ● Undertaking and analyzing the product trials as per the inspection ● Always keep yourself updated with the latest regulations and guidelines ● Communicating and negotiating with the authorities 4. Co-investigator Co-investigators go hand in hand with the principal investigator. The significant difference between them is that the investigator assists the principal investigator and makes sure they work with complete responsibility. In contrast, the principal investigator fulfills all the duties. Conclusion The scope for clinical research is a basic package that everyone gets after completing their clinical study. It is somewhere around 3 to 6 lacs what the degree of clinical research after BDS. Before applying for clinical research, all you need to do is check for the proper Institute, which gives you complete guidance and placement assistance. Check with the clinical research Institute, which is well-known or not. Look for ten institutes and select one of the best options among them. Choosing your Clinical Research Training Institute is one of the essential things you need to focus upon because it is your complete base that will help to give you a bright future. Communicate with previously passed out students from the Institute, talk with their guidance, and learn from their experience. [more]