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  • Inquire vs Enquire. Learn their use easily Once you are through with this blog, you will no longer have doubts regarding inquiry and enquiry. You will access hacks to accelerate your English language learning too. [more]
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  • Top History Websites For The Historian In You Fascinating history websites and resources list, giving you free access to the world's best history websites — a complete guide for history lovers, teachers and students. If you are searching for reliable and verified sources to study history, your search ends with Edulyte's blog. We recommend sites that can be helpful for your research as well as for your students. Many of these websites are interactive and have online quizzes, tools, appealing visuals and articles. Read more
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  • Gain interview opportunities with the help of teacher resume samples Edulyte gives you tips for creating the proper resume for your teaching profile. By going through examples of teacher’s resumes for elementary, student teachers or experienced teachers, create your teacher resume with an attention-grabbing template. Click here for Resume Templetes [more]
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  • Top Teaching Techniques for the classroom. “More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given.” Bertrand Russell, cunningly has put forth the ever stressful question that every teacher faces through his lines above i.e., ‘ which method would be most appropriate for my class?’ And any teacher worth his/her salt would know that there is no sure shot answer to that question! A teaching technique which worked with the previous class might not work with the current one. A success story of today will not lead to similar victories in the future. Students are individuals with their own personalities and to bring them together as a unit to make them learn….. Well, it’s easier to scale Mt. Everest. A mentor needs to be familiar and adept at using different teaching techniques and switching between them when required. Read more
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  • Discover More than 100 Common Slangs in Australia! What are slang words? Slang words or phrases express something in a new way, a way you might not have heard before. Such terms are used by people from a particular country or region. Read more

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