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  • What are the benefits of using EOR services for large companies? Tapping into international markets remains a crucial aspect for large companies for various reasons—revenue growth, risk diversification, competitive advantage, and business scalability. Even small businesses can avail of similar opportunities when expanding their team abroad. However, there is a significant difference in the way a large company sees its concerns, challenges, and goals of business establishment in a foreign country. One significant advantage of large companies is that they have deep pockets and can easily acquire a company in the target country to establish their presence in the market. Having a legal entity in a local market offers a competitive advantage as it allows you easy access to new customers and scales your business to new heights. Nevertheless, it’s not without challenges. Bridging the cultural gaps of cross-border work environments between the head office and your overseas employees is one of the key challenges. You need to mold a work culture that suits your company values and remote employees at the same time. For this process, a fair knowledge of local culture, especially the work culture of your employees, is required. In this blog, you’ll learn the benefits for large companies when using employer of record (EOR) services. In a nutshell, EOR services play a crucial role in the smooth formation of a subsidiary company by providing support systems as an interim caretaker for your employees.
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  • Discover cost-saving business opportunities and access a large talent pool for small businesses, through the employer of record benefits.

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