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  • Fuzia brings to you a webinar on types of communication. Learn to clearly and effectively communicate your ideas and thoughts, Change the way people perceive you, Improve your relationship with others and increase your productivity. This 2 Day master class would boost your career and learning opportunities. .  .  Dates- 8th-9th September, 2021 Timings - 4-6 PM (IST)     Mode-Online Fees- Rs. 199 only                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Register NOW.
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  • This is YOUR Creativity Challenge. As a part of Fuzia's 9th Anniversary, we plan to celebrate creativity with Creative Awards - a recognition for creative artists, people who love art, photography, singing, writing & more. We would like to invite you to participate or get someone you know to join in because we for sure are going to have a blast. Register and Submit your entries under your desired creative theme. JOIN TODAY:
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  • What if we told you-you can use your skills at home and get recognized worldwide? Participate or get someone you know to join in our Fuzia Creative Summit 2k21 because we sure are going to have a blast. Registrations are going to close on 17th August,2021. Last Day to Register. JOIN NOW.

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