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  • qutub minar is very famous and old monument in delhi which was made in 1192 on the victory of the Mughals. There is a very big meaning behind qutub which is pole of justice that is the symbol of Islamic justice. This minar was built by three kingdom in which first was qutub din tuglaq. who built only first storey and next three storey was built by shams-ud-din-Ilutmish and fifith storey building was built by Feroz shah Tughlaq or Each storey has a balcony. This qutub minar delhi is the unique style in Indian history. media india [more]
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  • In many countries, major dhyan chand was famous with "Magician of Hockey". Dhyan chand was born on 29 August 1905 in Allahabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh or his father was in the British army that why his family shifted in Jhansi or his full studies completed in Jhansi. But dhayn chand whole interest in hockey not in studies. [more]
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  • child labour in India is a very big issue or that is not resolved from last two decades, children are the best gift which is given by god or any countries growth only when they provide good education to children they help to developed our countries But in India, we normally see the children who are below 14 years old in the roadside or in factories or in small shop where they sell the things, sew the clothes, etc. which is not a good sign for Indian country, it is an indirect sign of distortion of countries. [more]
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  • bal gangadhar tilak is famous in other names which are "father of the Indian unrest". who is one of bravest men and raised voice against British raj, you all know that this is the first leader of the independence movement, before joining the struggling of independence, Gangadhar Tilak had done better movement for Indian society. [more]
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  • child labour in india is a big problem from some past few years our Indian government is failing to resolve the issue. This is a big issue which is not solved till time. the main reason behind that all problem is inflation because our Indian government is failing to reduce or saturate it. [more]

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