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  • Labouchere system in roulette Unlike the Martingale, the Labouchere system is perfect for those who want to win a certain amount of money. It is also a suitable roulette strategy for conservative players or those with limited chips Origin of the Labouchere system Named after its inventor, the British politician Henry Labouchere, the Labouchere system has remained consistently popular since its inception in the mid-19th century. It is known as a negative progression system, when bets increase after a loss, however, unlike the Martingale strategy, everything is not so simple here (at least at first glance). Henry Labouchere often used this system in gambling houses in London. It should be noted right away that this is not the best strategy for players who want to win big. But it is well suited to patient players who prefer to spend several hours at the table, not minutes. How does the Labouchere system work? The Labouchere system only works with equal money bets: red/black, 1-18/19-36, even/odd. Be sure to keep this in mind while playing, as using this complex straight-up betting system can cause you to lose your bankroll quickly. [more]
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  • Your money and playing in an online casino At the casino, we do everything so that you think only about the game and enjoy the process, which is why we have the highest cybersecurity requirements. We take care of your money responsibly, whether you are making your first deposit or looking to cash out big winnings Below you will find detailed information on financial intricacies that clients should be aware of, including deposits, data encryption, taxes, and withdrawals. Remember that playing in an online casino for real money should never be taken lightly, especially if you are experiencing financial difficulties. Gambling should be fun and not stressful, so if you can no longer enjoy the game or the stakes are too high, be sure to take a break and get some rest - 12 to 24 hours. [more]
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  • Bardzo lubię emocje, zawsze gram mądrze, lubię myśleć i patrzeć przed obstawianiem zakładów w Bardzo dobre biura, żadnych problemów z pieniędzmi z karty lub innego systemu monetarnego. [more]

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