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  • Self sign up for RMSPay Watch this video for an overview of the self sign on process for RMS Pay. Click here: [more]
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  • How to use Pay by Link in the RMS Cloud Pay by Link is a great new tool to send notifications of outstanding payments. Send links by SMS or email which the guest can use to complete the payment. Visit here: [more]
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  • How to choose the right cloud PMS hotel software for a hotel? Since this is a great asset for the hotel, every care should be taken to choose the best property management software. A wrong decision can land you taking the subscription of a PMS that cannot help your property. Click here: [more]
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  • Cloud Based Hotel Management Software for Luxury Hotels RMS Cloud provides All-in-one hospitality management software that can be tailored to suit any establishment. We create and maintain cloud-based hotel software that simplifies the operations of hotels. Our software is easy to use, affordable, and most importantly user-friendly. Visit: [more]
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  • Why choose an Online Hotel Reservation System? Using an Online Hotel Reservation System help in bringing a marked improvement in hotel operations. Once these operations are streamlined, profit maximization becomes easier. Use an innovative and flexible property management system to ensure seamless hotel operations. Visit: [more]
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  • Automated hotel booking management system RMS Cloud’s hotel booking management system allows you to accept direct bookings through your website and through your various distribution channels. The system can integrate easily with your existing infrastructure, and allow you to automate most of the hotel booking administrative tasks at your property. Visit More : [more]

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