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  • yomamultinational
  • Placement Agencies - Yoma Multinational Yoma multinational provides placement as per the requirements of brands and organizations. Yoma multinational has made its space as logistics placement agencies. It has quality database and workers https://yomamultinational.com/
  • MubazGmi
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems Market Share & Global Industry Forecast Report, 2021-2028 The enlarging fleet size of logistics and transportation industries has stimulated the need of fleet tracking in vehicles for their timely delivery and safety. Also, the association between telecommunication and information technology has engendered extensive solutions to various industries, allowing organisation to cut cost, fasten delivery, and enhance effectiveness. For additional insights, click to access: https://dailygram.com/index.php/blog/1000509/vehicle-tracking-systems-market-share-global-industry-forecast-report-2021-/ [more]
  • Nexterus
  • Nexterus Houston an independently owned franchise of Nexterus, we offer a unique approach to supply chain management. We are a logistics consulting company not like the others, as we offer our clients with a modeled, optimized and managed solution. Get time back in your day to focus on your core business and leave all of the hassle to us. We set you up with our fully proprietary Transportation Management System software (TMS) that helps you with daily supply chain tasks, we have specialists who optimize efficiency by reducing loss and damage claims, and we improve your warehousing and inventory management. https://nexterushouston.com/ [more]
  • MRakesh
  • Global Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Market Ecosystem By Components; By Deployment; By Technology; By Application; By Device; By Region; By End Users (Logistics, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, BFSI, Defence, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Others) Forecast by 2027 https://www.alltheresearch.com/report/381/artificial-intelligence-in-manufacturing-market-ecosystem [more]
  • lgoagroup
  • Best Logistics Agent https://lgoa.net/ Nowadays every big business imports and exports their products in bulk quantity. And for that they need logistics services to transport their products to dealers and business owners, and to do that transportation without any hindrance you must find some best logistics agents and then choose one from them according to your business needs. [more]
  • cryptoventurenews
  • It is being employed in healthcare technology, industries, logistics, supply chain, and in many other technological fields. In this article, we will see a list of #blockchain platforms that will allow you to create your own decentralized platform. https://cryptoventurenews.com/blockchain-platforms/ #supplychain #technology #logistics #digitaltransformation
  • Interesting13
  • Infrastructure of Germany Germany's logistics performance index is 4.12. It performs well - the logistics system is well prepared and organized, the shipments usually arrive on time and undamaged, and the infrastructure is ready to handle even unpredictably large volumes of traffic as long as it is not overwhelmed. The customs performance is rated as 4.1. It indicates good performance - customs clearance is quick and effective, in some cases it may even be absent (e.g. borders of the Schengen area), which promotes international business; the necessary documents and fees are foreseeable and publicly available and can in some cases (mostly for visas) be applied for at the customs office. The infrastructure quality in Germany is rated at 4.32. It indicates good quality - roads, railways, ports and other facilities are adapted and regularly maintained to handle heavy traffic at all times, and there is most likely special facilities for handling high-intensity and / or special traffic or vehicles (e.g. Motorways, also called motorways and deep sea ports). The quality of the international shipments is 3.74. It indicates satisfactory performance - the services are reasonable and the prices are not too high and are usually exactly of the same quality, although there is still room for improvement. The competence of logistics service providers is rated at 4.12. The providers are very competent - they ensure a high quality of shipments and traffic processing at all times and work quickly and reliably; Any errors that occur will be compensated without question. Tracking options for shipments are rated at 4.17. It indicates good performance - the tracking systems provide detailed and up-to-date information on most parameters of shipments, often cross national (both political and linguistic) barriers and can be qualified as international shipment tracking systems. http://www.confiduss.com/en/jurisdictions/germany/infrastructure/ [more]
  • lgoagroup
  • Hiring Freight Broker Agents https://lgoa.net/ There is always a need for a good supplier to provide all types of transportation solutions for import and export businesses. And LGOA is the best and reliable logistics partner to design custom solutions to increase the value of your business. LGOA is hiring freight broker agents, if you want to join, visit today. [more]
  • lgoagroup
  • Freight Brokerage Companies https://lgoa.net/ A freight brokerage service is crucial as a transportation mediator. Despite this, freight brokerage companies are an irresistible component of the shipping logistics industry to provide a reliable line of communication. Freight brokerage companies do every work related to the paperwork and communicating with truck agencies. [more]
  • arif11
  • Optical Character Recognition Market Research Report Optical Character Recognition Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report by Type (Software and Services), By Vertical (Retail, BFSI, Government, Education, Transport and Logistics, Healthcare, IT & Telecom, Manufacturing, and Others), and By Region - Market Scope, Global Growth Opportunities, Threats & Industry Forecast Report, 2021-2028. For Additional Insights, Click to Access Complete Report – https://www.gmiresearch.com/report/optical-character-recognition-market-analysis-industry-research/ [more]
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