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  • 10 most beautiful wedding destination in the world - If you are searching for best wedding destination in the world then this article will tell you all the details of the countries which are best for wedding. Your wedding will stay in your heart for the rest of your life, so you better make it memorable. . [more]
  • Best survival knife A trusted, well-rounded prepper survival knife (from time to time “field knife” or “bushcraft knife”) is a must-buy item for your main bug out bag and get home bag. But it’s a confusing market with tons of product choices, fake reviews, and countless internet debates — so our experts, with over 50 years of combined experience using and reviewing the best survival knives, curate the top choices for you among. [more]
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  • Sungai Ayung berlokasi tidak jauh dari pusat Ubud. Sungai ini menawarkan rute rafting dengan panjang sekitar 12 kilometers. Dari start point ke finish point, itu memerlukan waktu sekitar 2.5 jam-an. Sumber: https://www.ubudian.id/page/rafting-bali.html[more]
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