Primary & Secondary Education

  • GIIS Surat is one of the best CBSE #schools that offer academic excellence through an innovative student-centric #CBSE Program that emphasizes academic excellence through innovative learning methodologies for a child's overall growth. Learn more[more]
  • #School registration process made simple & flexible by GIIS for parents to get their hands-on quality academics for their child. It takes a few steps to get your job done. Get counseled & learn aspects GIIS explores for your child today: #education[more]
  • Seeking the holistic approach that not only focuses on Academics but also extra-curricular excellence to develop your child's personality? GIIS is one of the top Global Indian High school to get your child admitted to:[more]
  • If you're seeking the right CBSE schools in Ahmedabad, the GIIS framework is designed to give equal exposure to academic, sporting, and extracurricular excellence to your child. Learn more on GIIS Ahmedabad & its curriculum:[more]
  • Seeking the best international schools in Bangalore for your child, that could give the Holistic approach of developing them? GIIS in Bangalore is one of the top schools chosen by parents for their academic & overall growth of the child. Learn more:[more]
  • Contact NatureNurture to get the best books for preschool. We provide classic school books as per your kids learning required. Visit at[more]
  • San Academy group of schools practices a dynamic educational scheme to students of varied ethnicity, to inculcate cross-cultural awareness and understanding. To allow to get enriched and society through their assurance and integrity; to advance skills, aptitude and attitude all pervasive of a student to be a global leader. To access switching from school to intermediate level education in the world. To grant query based approach for learners. Motivate student to achieve. [more]
  • San Academy group of schools prepare every student to not only excel in their academics but also have a global outlook, strong leadership and good communication skills. These schools are specifically here to develop a confident mindset and an all-round personality with holistic enrichment programs. These schools imparts a world-class academic curriculum based on global best practices. Being the top Schools in Chennai, San Academy offers a lot of flexibility to its students. [more]
  • Top Private Schools in Delhi NCR | Noida, India | A school is a place where good qualities are present in every person, where everyone is educated. Here, it is the development of physical, mental, and intellectual qualities of every student living among the children of their age. Kothari International School has got all the facilities and due to this fact, this school has been included in the list of top private schools in Delhi, NCR for the last 15- 16 years. CALL. [more]
  • San Academy group of schools maintain a high standard of curriculum. These schools employ the best faculty members in the educational field so that the children can avail proper education. The teachers in these schools pay attention to every child so as to maintain good results and excellent reputation of their institutions.[more]
  • Schools are the right platform for the students. It takes out the best in them and make them excellent performer. CBSE schools in Chennai are operating are quite large with lawns, playgrounds, spacious classrooms and enough area for the kids to sit in the classrooms and play. Each class is having more sections so that there is no cramming of the kids in a single room. Individual teachers are assigned for the sections and the students get sufficient attention in an. [more]
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