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  • According to statistics, there are more than 3,000 incidents of carbon monoxide detectors false alarms in the UK each year, which lead to the dispatch of the fire brigade. In particular, the number of false alarms triggered by hospitals is the most, which has brought great trouble to the fire brigade, and people have begun to question the reliability of carbon monoxide detector. In fact, there are many factors for judging whether a product is reliable. People cannot say it is unreliable because of the false alarm of carbon monoxide, because in public places such as hospitals, there are too many factors that trigger the alarm of carbon monoxide detectors. irritating gas, someone smoking in the hospital, a child or the elderly accidentally pressed the button of the detector, etc. We cannot deny the contribution of carbon monoxide detectors to protecting people's health and safety because of false positives. From 1960 to the present, people's increased safety awareness has increased their demand for carbon monoxide detectors, which also reflects the fact that carbon monoxide detectors are recognized. It has to be said that carbon monoxide detectors can indeed reduce the probability of carbon monoxide poisoning, but as the service life increases, the detectors will also be out of line aging, performance degradation, power failure, etc. At this time, we need to replace new detectors to continue protection our safety. The equipment problems mentioned above are exhibited by all detectors. In addition to regular inspection and maintenance, the best way is to choose a reliable detector from the beginning. Reliable detectors involve many aspects, such as performance, duration of use, compliance with EN standards, test data, etc. The linked article will explain in detail. In short, it is very important to choose a reliable detector, but we can't simply rely on the carbon monoxide detector, we also need to regularly detect and maintain it to keep it working in good condition. https://brojensmarthome.com/are-carbon-monoxide-detector-reliable/ [more]
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  • With the improvement of people's awareness of home safety, carbon monoxide detectors are installed in almost every family, which greatly guarantees family safety. However, the beeping sound of carbon monoxide detectors can sometimes be a nuisance. People always think that when the beeping sound is sounded, there is a dangerous concentration of carbon monoxide around. In fact, this is not the case. May be It is the self-detection of the detector, or it may be that the detector is reporting to the owner that the battery is low or the service life is exhausted. The following article is a list of almost all detectors beeping, which can be more effective for people to understand what the detector is trying to convey. https://brojensmarthome.com/why-is-your-carbon-monoxide-detector-beeps-and-how-to-deal-with-it/ [more]
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  • Geek Squad Appointment for Solutions of Technical Issues on Gadgets - Geek Squad Service http://bit.ly/2RGVKre Get #GeekSquadAppointment for Solutions If you need a product installed, protected or repaired? #GeekSquad offers the #bestsupport for products from #appliances to #TVs and #Gadgets like #cellphones, #computers & #tablets, #portableaudio, #smarthome and more.
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  • How to Secure Your Smart Home with Alexa With Alexa receiving new updates, Amazon has made it clear that security is their primary concerns. Apart from the brand new features to attract more customers, the cornerstone of Amazon’s surprise event continued to be ensuring safety for smart homes........ https://customerservice322.blogspot.com/2018/09/HowtoSecureYourSmartHomewithAlexa.html [more]