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  • Looking for higher processing quality, faster result time, and User-friendliness in a packaging machine? SGM sales Folding carton gluer machine has got your back. Ideal to meet the requirements of all your packaging needs, the Folding carton gluer machine is a great investment for any industry. Considered one of the best in the packaging industry, this piece of equipment can enhance the packaging quality of your product. Visit our website to know more. [more]
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  • Looking for a machine that can provide your products with great packaging options? Folder gluer perfectly fits the description. Generally used to make envelopes, boxes, bottle holders, etc., the Folder gluer machine is an essential piece of equipment in the packaging industry. Check out our website and choose among some of the top-notch international folders gluers —an ideal piece of equipment capable of fulfilling all your packaging needs. Read more: [more]
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  • Box folding and gluing machines are the key elements of the packaging and carton box-producing industry. Bobst, Heidelberg, Heiber & Schroeder, and Kohmann are top brands of this manufacturing equipment. If you need assistance buying these fantastic carton industry equipment, get in touch with us to opt for the best high-quality used equipment at a competitive price. [more]
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  • Want to buy the best quality printer slotter die cutter machine? Look no further than SGM Sales. We offer printer slotter die cutter machines that are ergonomically designed and widely used in various automotive, ceramic rollers, etc. The buyers can purchase it in multiple configurations and meet their needs reasonably. Visit the website to know more. [more]
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  • It is beneficial to invest in UV coating printing machines as you can use it for various printing materials such as business cards, postcards, flyers, etc. It provides a thick layer of protection, durability and is perfect for premium printing applications. Visit our website to explore more! [more]
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  • Kohmann window patch machinery has vast demand in the packaging industry. These types of machinery can also showcase the high quality and craftsmanship of higher-end luxury products. At SGM Sales, we offer these fantastic packaging machines controlled by a computer program. The user can efficiently operate the value on the touch screen, which is easy to use. It can be a perfect way to boost your productivity and sales. Visit our website to shop right now! [more]
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  • Are you planning to invest in Bobst used equipment? SGM Sales offers a wide collection of used equipment made of premium-quality stainless steel. You can choose a wide range of equipment such as Bobst die cutters, Bobst folder gluers, Bobst foil stampers, Window patch machines, UV coating machines, Heidelberg auto bond laminators, etc. For more details, visit our website. [more]
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  • Buying a Bobst Pantera 106 LER is a significant decision for your business as it allows you to increase the productivity of your die-cutting workflow strongly. It is in huge demand in various industries and can help you improve work efficiency beyond expectations. Visit the website to learn more. [more]
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  • If you need platen die cutters or foil stampers, SGM Sales can cater to your requirement beyond expectations. We have years of experience and knowledge in the competitive industry that offers new pre-owned equipment from top brands such as BOBST, HEIDELBERG, HEBER & SCHROEDER, AND KOHLMANN. Visit the website to know more. [more]

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