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  • Today, Global Guide announced that it has become the first cryptocurrency to offer benefits for socializing. This new development will allow users to earn rewards for participating on social media platforms and interacting with others online. With this update, Global Guide is hoping to create a more connected and engaged community around its platform. Read on for more details about this exciting development!
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  • Kryptoria is aiming to be a new generation blockchain project, combining the best features of existing blockchains with novel ideas to create a truly unique platform. The team is comprised of experienced developers and entrepreneurs who have already made significant contributions in their respective fields. Kryptoria promises to be faster, more secure, and more user-friendly than any other platform currently available. With its innovative features and friendly community, Kryptoria is set to become a leading player in the NFT space. Stay tuned for updates! For more information visit :-
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  • Is the “future” of banking upon us? According to a recent Reuters report, Circle Internet Financial Ltd. – a Boston-based company that operates a cryptocurrency exchange and enables payments using bitcoin – is planning to apply for a U.S. bank charter. If successful, this would make Circle the first U.S.-based crypto bank. While it's unclear exactly what this means for the future of banking and cryptocurrencies, it's safe to say that both industries are on the verge of some major changes. So what does this mean for you and your money? Stay tuned – we should have some answers in the near future! For more information visit :-

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