Positive Vibes – The Life of a Workplace

Have you ever heard people say- “oh, that building is gloomy!” or “hey, this room is so bright and freshening” or even something like – “It feels fresh once I enter this office space!”? Well, at Jagaha, we certainly have as we do specialize in office space for rent.

The “vibes” make or break the first impression of a living or an office space. Most people would refer to a property as a positive space when they see vibrant colours on the walls or a space decorated with flowers or one that is neatly organized and tidy. All these and many more are assets to the vibes of an area. Having said that, the “vibes” of a place are subjective to people’s choices around it, the purpose or the usage of the working or a living space. Positive vibes around us unknowingly influence our mood at a workplace.

Here are the five things companies should keep in mind to make sure their office space has positive “vibes:”

1. If Employees are Happy, then work becomes Happier!

We literally mean it when we say work is happy if your employees are happy! Work happens in a more energized and productive manner if there are extensive trainings and psychology sessions for the employees with ice-breaker games to help map their team building abilities. The crux behind this is that we are all social beings and that we literally become happier when we get to know and bond with our fellow colleagues so anything to help in this capacity will surely be an asset to one’s firm.

2. Be Thankful for each Day!

Leaving appreciative thank you notes for your colleagues for even daily tasks that sometimes seem like a big mountain tough to surpass can add to the positivity of the office space almost instantly. Try it, your company wouldn’t be disappointed. The more grateful one’s company can be, the happier they will be as well!

3. Mentor Alert!

Leaders should assign mentors within the team to achieve a certain line of thought in the defined responsibilities of the employees. Establishing mentoring relationships for new hires is one of the best ways to start fostering this sort of worker-employer camaraderie right from the start. Again, if you sense a trend on human relationships, you’d be right – building human connections in one’s office space is of the utmost importance and having a mentor will only add to such human bonds.

4. Choose a Colour that makes you happy!

A wall colour having fresh hues and greens adds to the vibrancy of that workplace and makes employees feel calm and may help them unleash their creativity and innovation more! We’d even add that using colourful stationery and paintings on the walls in fresh hues and greens helps one calm their nerves at work and actually energizes. Anything to make employees and colleagues happy is a must (well maybe not anything!).

5. Organized & Decluttered Office Spaces

For most office spaces in Mumbai and beyond, a cluttered office space causes confusion, chaos and would not be welcome for a newcomer or an existing employee either. There is a good continuity and positivity in a workplace that’s organized, de-cluttered and non-chaotic. A space excessively filled with furniture or storage items not segregated in an orderly manner can cause mental confusion and chaos amongst employees. A lot of businesses thrive on the science that deals with the spatial arrangement in relation with the flow of energy around a workspace, which could be one of the factors contributing to favourable or the unfavourable outcomes of the business. This energy is the VIBE of that workplace.

Having positive vibes can motivate you on a dull Monday or could keep you prepped up for the weekly meeting you need to rock. An office space having positive vibes is always an epicentre for healthy brain-storming, motivation for better results & a positive outcome since the workspace generates and attracts positivity. Any employer who would lease an office space in Mumbai or even buy a commercial property in Mumbai, would love to maintain a positive healthy work culture in these cut throat competitive times.

Positive vibes make the office space ‘magnetic’ also leading to an increase in an employee’s productivity. It is an inspiration for people working hard to achieve their goals and scale newer heights, to cut a long story short, it’s a mecca of endless possibilities! We, at Jagaha.com help you choose such an effective office space for rent along with buying and selling commercial property for sale. With a powerhouse of 15,000 commercial properties in Navi Mumbai, Thane & Mumbai listed on our property site, all office space requirements are met with! Our team makes sure to find you the best fit for all your requirements ranging from the carpet area to a workplace with a great view! The Jagaha team hopes to find positive vibes for you!

If you are thinking of getting a commercial property in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai then do not think too much go now to jagaha.com and choose the property according to your requirement. You can call us directly on 09029000670 or drop us a mail on info@jagaha.com.

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