Intuit always recommends you to save the QuickBooks License and product number because you need these details to install or reinstall QuickBooks and keeping continuity of records and operations when you upgrade to a new computer.

Know about QuickBooks License and Product Number
To install QuickBooks software the license number & product number are mandatory. Without these key codes we can not use QuickBooks on our system. It often happens that the users tend to change their QuickBooks Product and Intuit License number. So, in this article we will discuss how to change QuickBooks product and license number.

Modify/Change License Number for Windows Users:
★ Go to the QuickBooks ‘Help’ menu and choose‘Manage My License’ option.

★ Click on ‘Change My License Number’

★ Now Enter the ‘New License number’ and click NEXT and Finish.

★ Now Restart Computer

Find Installation Number:
★ The original product packaging – You can find the product numbers in the scratch off sticker which is situated near the UPC code.

★ Locating Installation Numbers

★ You can also find the installation number in the confirmation

★ The computer where the software was initially installed.

★ So for this start the installation program by putting the CD in the CD-ROM drive. And the installation process will begin automatically.

★ After this choose Reinstall option.

★ Numbers will be displayed in the License and Product Number Window. You have to write them then choose cancel.

Follow these Easy Steps to Change the License Number And Product Number
In order to change the License number and also the Product code, we need to edit the qbregistration.dat file. You do not have to uninstall or reinstall your QuickBooks software. You can edit the qbregistration.dat file in two different ways:

★ Open the file through QuickBooks

★ First of all, open your QuickBooks.

★ Now, go to the tech help tab. You can open this tab by pressing F2, F3 and also Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2.

★ In the open file tab, choose QBREGISTRATION.DAT.

★ Click on the open file.

★ It will open in a notepad file.

★ Now, we must make a backup of the qbregistration.dat file. Your QuickBooks won’t open if any mistakes have been created while editing the file. That is why this step is very important.

★ In the notepad file, go to the File menu on the top-left corner of the screen. Click on Save As.

★ A window will appear on your screen. Choose Desktop and then click on Save.

★ Now, close the file.

★ Go to the Tech Help window again and open the file again.

★ You can now exit from the QuickBooks but the qbregistation.dat file has to remain open in the notepad.

Open The File Through Windows Explorer

★ Go to C:ProgramDataCommon FilesIntuitQuickBooks for opening the QB common files.

★ Go to the qbregistration.dat file and right-click on it.

★ Now, choose Open With and select Notepad from the list.

★ You now have to create a Backup file for the qbregistration.dat.

★ It is very important to create a backup as it acts as a failsafe option.

★ Close your QuickBooks if it is open in the background.

Edit The qbregistration.dat File

★ As we told earlier, all your account information like product number and license number is stored in the qbregistration.dat file. You can check the section given below understand more about the file.

★ VERSION number=”29.0” (2019), “28.0” (2018), or “27.0” (2017)

FLAVOR name=”QuickBooks Pro=pro, QuickBooks Premier (not Accountant Edition) = superpro, QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition=accountant, Enterprise Solutions = bel, Enterprise Solutions Accountant Edition=belacct.”

How To Edit The qbregistration.dat File

★ First of all, search for the version of QB for which you want to change the license information.

★ Go to the InstallID and substitute it with the right product code. Make sure that the format while entering numbers is appropriate. Use this as a template and do not remove any of the brackets – XXX-XXX.

★ Now, you must replace the current License Number with the correct License Number. Use this as a template and do not remove any of the brackets – XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX.

★ Go to the Notepad file and click on Save.

★ Restart your desktop and also the QuickBooks.

★ On your QuickBooks Screen, press F2 on your keyboard to open the Product Information window.

★ Verify the License Number and the Product Number to make sure that they are correct.

★ If the product code or the license numbers are incorrect, restart your computer. If they are still the same, call the QuickBooks Tech Support Services Team. You can also try to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks utilizing the correct license number and the product code.

When you change QuickBooks license number fail-safely, the program starts functioning with its full-efficiency. However, if you are facing technical difficulties while changing the license number in QuickBooks, shout out loud for help. Our QB professionals will assist you in changing the QuickBooks license number when you dial our QuickBooks customer support number 1(800)-865-4183.


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