It has a lasting battery life that can go up to three days depending on the exercises. It is best suited for android users. Similarly, it has an excellent fitness and healthy tracking. Further, it is waterproof and slim in appearance. It also looks more of its precursor, galaxy watch active. The price of this watch is 299.99 dollars.

With Samsung #SmartWatch you will enjoy a number of benefits such as tracking different exercises, functions as a good fitness tracker through assisting one to count steps, distance, heart rate, pulse rate even calories, again one is able to see social media notifications. Additionally, you will want to wear this watch to bed because it can as well track your sleeping capabilities. You will also realize that it is designed to be classic looking, thin, lightweight and with different colors to suit your preference. Notably, it competes with the Apple Watch and in some ways, it is even better because it is more fitness-focused.

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