Soon You Will be Able to Backup iPhone to Google Storage for Free
Google One is one of the popular cloud storage services around the world. However, it has been a little unfavorable for the Google family of products since Google charges its Android users for using Google One subscription. Whoever has a Google account knows that they also get access to Google Drive, free cloud storage for all Gmail users. However, Google Drive has a limit of 15 GB, and you utilize it for Google Photos, Gmail, and storing local files.
Teclast launches World’s Most Affordable 4G LTE Tablet
The newly launched Android 4G tablet has B20 Band, 4GB of RAM, and Android 10 that makes it the world’s best 4G LTE tablet with a cheap price tag.  At the time of writing, this tablet is arguably the world’s cheapest LTE and Android 10 running tablet. It costs only 119.99 USD at Gearbest. Techlast has dropped a new entry-level LTE Android tablet, which can be your next cheap 4G tablet with great features.


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