Uppma Virdi was born in Chandigarh, India in 1990 and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She established her career as a reputed lawyer in the Australian Supreme Court and specialized in employment and commercial law. Once during the marriage of her brother, the woman recalled, it was she who prepared thousands of cups of tea for every guest. The incident made her realize that tea is a brilliant idea of bringing individuals to come together, and that’s what was the sign of her ‘tea future’. Then, Uppma started the tea manufacture in Australia and introduced Indian culture to the foreign land. In 2014, Uppma created the ‘Chai Walli’ company to promote healthy drinks in the country, where crowds love coffee. She has constantly been thankful to the grandfather, Pritam Singh Virdi, who was a Homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctor who taught certain Ayurvedic tea that helped to grow as a businesswoman. The motivational story of the herbal tea supported the adult to carry out it in the special mixtures. In 2016, she won the Businesswoman of the Year Reward and also became the winner of the Business Excellence Award at Victorian Sikh Association. Uppma got placed in Forbes 30 under 30 list and featured by CNN in their 20 Under 40 series in 2017. The same season, Uppma achieved Hind Rattan Award from the NRI Welfare Society of India, and her chai was the finalist at the Best Health Food and Beverage Awards. From 2 signature chai blends, now the firm of the young lady has grown to 15 Ayurvedic blends and teas, with each import coming from the organic tea farms of India. Apart from making tea, Uppma has always been there to listen to Indian tea makers and helps in spreading their entrepreneurial success stories around the globe.

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