Which hotel franchise should I choose for my hotel?
January 12, 2020|Hotel Marketing

There are a lot of hotel brands to choose from and deciding which flag to fly can be challenging. There are also a lot of moving parts to answer this question, not one answer, could cover every different situation that you might have. However, I am just going to cover some of the simple facts that you might already have on hand. This would give you an idea of what type of property and what type of franchise brand you should choose.

First take into consideration the Location. This is the most critical factor in choosing the right franchise. Is the hotel near a convention center, stadium or a major transportation hub? This will help narrow down the choices to which franchise you select.

Second is the Market, let us look at the market that you have chosen for this property that you're planning to build or you are planning to get a flag or are changing your flag. Whatever the case may be. Look into the market that it serves. What are the biggest producers or the demand generators in that market? Is it a leisure market or is it a corporate market? Are there Fortune 500 company employees who travel with their corporate credit cards in their pockets swiping them left and right? What type of crowd traveling in that area? Is it a completely leisure market where you have people coming to that area just for leisure?

There are a lot of brands out there that are known for their corporate business and if you go out there, get a corporate brand and put that flag into a leisure market. What's the benefit? Hotels cannot generate the demand. The demand should already be in the area. There are only few hotels in the world where people actually travel just to see the hotel. There’s some other reason, some other demand in that market that people are coming and visiting for and your hotel is just a tool within that whole equation. So, if the market is a leisure market and you bring a corporate brand in that market, what good will it do for you? Nothing. You're just carrying that flag just to feed the brand, feed that brand that you put out there but it will not bring a lot on the table for you since they're in the wrong market. They cannot just force people to travel to that market.

Third is Franchise perks and costs. When searching for the right franchise, you need to consider the hotel brand’s basic perk sheet, which includes everything from Wi-Fi to a comprehensive reservation system and the brand’s loyalty program. The costs tend to vary widely based on a given brand’s reputation and value, so it is also worth exploring several chains to see which provides the best value for affiliation.

So, this is just a few amazingly simple facts that we can look at to help chop down the long list of available franchise to choose from. However, if we might be of service, you are invited to reach out to us at Bezla.com or give us a call at 888 999 8086.

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