Bring your hotel an additional million dollars in revenue to your hotel by fixing this simple problem
March 31, 2020|Hotel Marketing

Some hoteliers still mistake an inquiry call for a sales conversion. That’s not the case. You still have to train your staff to convert inbound calls into your next million-dollar sale.

Here’s what you can do. Have a family or friend call your property today. Have them pose as a potential client for a group reservation, be it for a family reunion or a corporate event. Have them make a complicated request, say a direct billing or an advanced invoice. Record the conversation, if it is allowed by your state laws, and evaluate how your front desk staff handled the inquiry call.

The results might surprise you. Here at Bezla, we have run into all sorts of cases during our mystery shopper calls. One time, the person who picked up the call took a card reservation without obtaining any credit card information and even offered a free meeting room. Another time, we came across a front desk staff who addressed our mystery caller as “honey”. In several instances, we came across salutations that we wouldn't expect to hear on a full-service hotel’s inbound sales call.

If your staff commits the same embarrassing mistakes, you can’t blame them. As we always say, if you don’t train them, you can’t blame them.

Here at Bezla, we recommend structuring inbound calls with a sales script. Anticipate possible scenarios. You can start with as simple as taking a group reservation for 15-20 rooms with a meeting space on specified dates. Train the staff on how to ask open-ended questions that allow the caller to elaborate on exactly what they are looking for. Train the staff to provide the appropriate solutions and close the sale.

Have your front desk staff run the script several times in as many different scenarios as possible before they can start taking any call. Why? It does not take a lot for conversations to go south. Even a single word can turn off a prospective client. If the prospective client gets the impression that the staff cannot handle a simple inquiry call, there’s little motivation for them to entrust a big account to the property.

Remember, any call has the potential to deliver an additional million dollars in revenue to your property. A simple inquiry call can turn into a million-dollar loss if it falls into the hands of untrained front desk staff.

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