Should you be using a script in hotel sales and marketing?
April 27, 2020|Hotel Marketing

There are a lot of different views on standardized sales scripts. Some people say, sales conversations should be natural instead of scripted. While it is not bad to talk about the weather, the game or your prospective client’s weekend, it is imperative that every customer interaction should be aligned with your business goals. The only way for this to happen is by implementing a standardized sales script in all of your incoming calls.

A standardized sales script guarantees call quality. Every person in your sales team is different in terms of their upbringing, culture or level of education. If you leave them to their own devices, your sales calls will be a hit or miss.

On the other hand, if you gave each person the same script, you will get the same results each time across the board. If the script does not work for one person on your team, fixing the script for them will fix the problem for everybody. Your script will only become better over time as it is constantly being updated to address as many different scenarios as possible.

It’s not only that. A standardized sales script will also make training new salespeople very easy. All you have to do is hand down to them the winning recipe that has been tried and tested for many, many years.

Remember, chitchat if you must with your clients but do so in order to build rapport with them and eventually close the sale. In a cutthroat business such as ours, all sales activities should be geared towards beating the competition.

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