Should we offer flat or dynamic discounts for local negotiated rate accounts?
August 10, 2020|Hotel Marketing

If you have an LNR account, say a university or hospital in your area that is producing room nights within your market, you can start a referral partnership with them so that they will refer guests to your hotel. If the guest mentions the name of the LNR account that referred them, the guest will get a discounted rate.

Set up a referral program that is a win-win for everybody involved. Offer your referred guest a discounted rate, which will not lower your hotel's ADR.

If your LNR account cannot commit to a certain number of room nights and if they cannot sign an agreement with you for the whole year, offer them a dynamic discount instead of a flat rate discount.

Why? Let's say you offer referred guests a $99 flat rate. On dates when you have high occupancy, and you are trying to push for a higher rate, you cannot offer a room at a $99 flat rate because it will lower your ADR.

To avoid that situation, offer a dynamic discount, say 10-15% from your best available rate. When referred guests come in, you don't need to turn them down, and at the same time, you are increasing your overall ADR and revenue.

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