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September 22, 2020|Hotel Marketing

Virtually every hotel under the sun is struggling with direct bookings. Since we in the hotel business are paying a lot for commissions to third-party websites, we want to get more direct bookings.

The easiest way to get direct bookings is by using the most popular search engines, such as Google Hotels. If you invest time and resources to integrate your website to Google, it will pick-up your hotel’s inventory in real-time. Any potential booker who inputs their stay dates will immediately know the availability and rates directly from your hotel website.

How do you know if your website is integrated with hotel search engines?

On a private browser, do a quick Google search of your property and input a random future date. It is going to show you all the different websites where you can make a reservation. If your website is not listed, you are not connected.

Do the same on other popular hotel booking sites like Trivago, Kayak, Bing, Expedia, or any of its affiliates. If it shows 10-20 different OTAs where you can make a reservation to your website but not your website, you are not connected.

What will happen, then? All the reservations will come through these third-party websites.

The sooner you sit down and make calculations of your revenues for the year, the quicker you realize that you are leaving a lof of money on the table. For example if you have about $100 million in revenue for a year, you are loosing $100,00-200,000 just in commissions to these thid-party websites.

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