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February 14, 2021 | Hotel Marketing

Hotel reviews have been considered paramount to hotels but mostly to travelers looking for places to stay. Since the global pandemic started, these hotel reviews have become even more critical metrics for many hotels and travelers because of the added safety precautions.

With over 1.2 million hotels ranked globally, TripAdvisor is the prime review site for hotels. Since travelers are mostly reading hotel reviews before deciding to book, your hotel rating affects your bookings - the higher rate you have, the higher bookings you will have.

To help you get started, TripAdvisor advises you to ensure the accuracy of the following information on your page: physical address, phone numbers, email addresses, website URL, opening times, and others.

To add, they also recommend that you check your hotel's description - make sure that you put in an accurate one, post only top-quality media of your rooms and facilities, and verify your hotel's categories. Taking these steps guarantees hassle-free browsing through your page.

Now to boost your TripAdvisor rankings, here are the three key factors that impact the popularity ranking and what they use to rank hotels and attractions:
1. The number of reviews - the more reviews you have, the more it signifies that you're a prominent hotel.
2. The quality of reviews - that's given.
3. Up-to-date reviews - newer reviews rank higher since guests are more intent in the present than in the past.

Moreover, ensuring to get several good reviews on your page is a no-brainer. Simple, delivering the exceptional guest experience - pretty straightforward however it's not an easy task.

Here are a few steps you should ponder:

1. Be honest - highlight your hotel's superior features and be sure to add in only factual information.
2. Reckon with complaints - don't take complaints lightly. Ensure that these are taken care of before they get posted on your page thus, provide resolution with urgency.
3. Stir up reviews - encourage guests to leave reviews on your page, mostly the ones with commendations. Have your staff be fully aware of the significance of these reviews too. Besides, you can also send emails to guests who have stayed in your hotel and check on their experience - this allows them to provide you feedback. Simultaneously, promote along with the link of your TripAdvisor page to encourage reviews.
4. Hold up on extra charges - confirm additional fees with guests to avoid disappointment. Typical on-the-house services that aren't free of charge in your hotel may cause dismay to guests and lead to negative reviews on TripAdvisor.
5.Acknowledge and answer reviews - positive or negative reviews, consistently and truthfully respond to each one. It makes an impact on your guests and suggests your sincerity in providing an outstanding service. Additionally, respond to complaints separately and take action on matters frequently mentioned to avoid further dissatisfaction.
With these steps, do the same goes for other review sources such as, Expedia, and social media.

Another site you should habitually check is Trivago. You can compare your ratings and your competitors' given that their data are from several other websites.

Other than that, don't fear reviews nor try to avoid one. Do bear in mind that these are essential to guests when booking places to stay.

Ultimately, take note of what TripAdvisor says, "businesses should view critical feedback as an opportunity to thank the reviewer. Use it as an opportunity to improve and to actually attract more business [sic]. Thoughtful management responses can actually increase future bookings so really, there's nothing to lose."

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