In the modern housing space, there is one thing that is shrinking deliberately, i.e., space!
The accommodation has been a challenge for interior designers and the people dwelling inside as they find it challenging to accomplish their dreams to own luxurious space. If you are one of those individuals, you are at the correct place. At AllForm, we aim to makes it easy to imagine a spacious house in the most crowded space. Our furniture and sectional sofa are meant to fit into your small space. The modular designs allow customization of a sectional for any area without sacrificing quality, comfort, or style. Every design is available in performance fabric, and top-grain protected leather.
We believe in optimizing the layout of your living space with customizable furniture built with comfort, functionality, and manoeuvrability in mind. Our sectional sofas for small space are fully modular, so you can build your own and open up even the most minor places. They’re the perfect centrepieces for studio apartments, lofts, or small living rooms.

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