Paper Diagnostics Market -Growth Opportunities, Recent Trends, Forecast by Types and Application

A report has come out that gives an overview of the Global Paper Diagnostics Industry along with a detailed explanation that provides plenty of insight. The definition of the product/service along with the different applications of this product/service in different end-user industries can be found in the overview. There is also plenty of information that highlights the growth trajectory of the Global Paper Diagnostics Market. The information provides a strong base for the market to be segmented into different segments. In fact, the information also displays the maximum market share during the forecast period by 2025.

In 2019, the global paper diagnostics market was valued at USD 5.9 billion and is poised to witness a growth rate of 8.1% during forecast period. Due to the increased need for cost-effective healthcare in remote areas of developing countries, there is growing popularity of point-of-care diagnostic methods in these countries. Increased adoption of point-of-care diabetes test kits and pregnancy test kits is projected to favor the paper diagnostics market in developed countries.

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