Why is India not killing terrorists using drones?

There are some reasons here:
Drones kill more regular people then genuine targets and in the event that we began to utilize them on our dirt, we may wind up killing the very regular folks we are attempting to ensure.
Recollect that for each "fear based oppressor" killed in afghanistan-pak by USA there are numerous guiltless ladies and kids kicking the bucket because of Drones.
No measure of straightforwardness or measures will forestall such avoidable misfortunes, its better the current way things are being dealt with by the extraordinary powers.
Recently, Defsys Solutions has passed on Smartshooter Counter robot Fire Control Systems to a customer in India, enabling First Shot - First Kill ability to the bleeding edge in attracting with this emerging peril. Sushant Gupta Defsys Solutions spokes individual told that the new usage of Chinese and Pakistani robots to target Indian security powers is rapidly growing and making a certified peril the country. Read more- www.economictimes.indiatimes.com/company/defsys-solutions-private-limited/U73100KA2007PTC041408

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