Technology is one of the most important things in the world that has changed people’s lives. It is good because it gives us more freedom and makes life easier.

What is Technology and Why Does it Matter?
Technology is one of the best things to happen to mankind. It gives us more freedom and it makes life easier for us. We can do many different tasks like traveling, communicating, working, studying and much more with technology. Without technology our lives would be a lot harder and we would have a lot less time on our hands.

how technology can help us:
Technology is good because it makes our lives better. Technology has helped us in so many ways for so long.One reason why technology is good is because it helps with natural disasters. With the help of technology, we can prepare for natural disasters and not be as affected by them as before. For example, the American Red Cross has a smartphone app that will show you how to set up an emergency kit with supplies that can protect you during a storm, tornado, earthquake or flood.

Technology is the combination of different sciences. Technology is good because it brings convenience to people. For example, technology has changed our way of communicating with one another.

Everyday, technology becomes more important in our lives. At first, many people were scared of machines and technology but now they are happy with how it has made their lives easier.

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