In this digital era, almost everyone uses a smartphone device and a majority of people uses Android OS based mobile devices. The best thing about Android devices is that they are flexible and there are tons of apps available for them. Though it is not required but you can also root your Android device to increase its working capability and unlock some extra features of it like Nomao Camera APK. If you own an Android device then you might be using its camera because no matter which device you have, a camera is something which is used the most around the world. These days many companies are focusing on improving their camera qualities in smartphones to attract the customers. You don’t need to carry a DSLR when you have got a smartphone with a good camera.
Though the default camera app on the smartphones comes handy for clicking pictures but you can’t extend their quality. Software updates will just improve its functionality but not the quality of the photos, that’s why a manual mode is given in almost all of the smartphones which can be used to click high-quality photos using custom settings. If you know about different camera settings then you can use this feature to get a picture of your choice. If you are new to this, then you can try using an app called Manual Camera. This app is one of the best manual camera apps for Android phones and tablet devices right now and it will allow you to click photos with custom camera settings without changing the default settings of your stock camera app.

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