Business depends upon marketing. The term “marketing” covers a lot of different activities all consisting of selling your company’s products. Advertising is the most important part of marketing activity. backend activities should also be in a place like consumer research, so it should amplify to a target audience. things that must check for the product are:-
Knowing about your audience — It is the most crucial part as it is not possible that everyone is your audience. For your product, it should be a specific audience and narrowed audience so you can target your audience.
Product different from the existing product in the market: Startups should know what makes them different from the existing product in the market.
Problems solved by your product: is your product solving some problem for cx for example Airbnb helps you to book villas in one click, big basket helps you with groceries at your drop-step.
How you can start your marketing?
1) Local networking: this is one the initial basis of marketing by your colleagues, friends, relatives.
2) Creating campaigns: this can help you to reach your audience in a much faster way through Fb or google which wl help you to establish a brand face in the market as your product will be visible on social media.
3) social media: this is one of the most crucial aspects in this generation as youth is on social media mostly so targeting people through reels stories can be the best way to reach your potential client.
4) Invest in digital marketing: in the growing world of the internet, a person should go for digital marketing as it will help you to reach a massive audience in a very short span of time. this will help you generate leads or a customer can be interested in buying your product.
5)marketing help in skyrocketing sales: If you are marketing your product and that product is visible on the internet that will drastically change customer perspective of buying it.
If you cannot make a proper roadmap you can contact a business consultant in Alpharetta GA they will guide you with all things required for a startup to grow.
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