How to Tell if OEM, Aftermarket, or Genuine?

Toyota Motor Corporation is a big name in the automotive industry. The Organization Internationals des Constructers automobiles (OICA) listed it as the largest manufacturer by the number of vehicles produced in 2017. When buying Toyota spare parts, various factors play a role in determining which type of spare parts will be best for your car.

While some Toyota car owners would priorities price and affordability, some would choose quality over anything else. Others may want to balance both.

Aftermarket parts have always been a subject of debate. Most Toyota car owners question the quality of these parts and dismiss them as cheap knockoffs. Time and again, they have proven these car owners wrong. It's important to buy from reliable sellers and aftermarket brands. You may also request Car Part to find auto parts for you. It's a fast, safe, and cost-effective way to locate car parts in Australia.

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