Confused, do you actually have a scalable product idea?
Giving you a list of scalable products in the market is of no use.

Research Intensely. There are some ways to find if your product is scalable in the market.

1) Research Intensely- As it is already said "No research without action, no action without research" by Kurt Lewin.

You'll gain a greater understanding of the nuances that drive the IT sector if you do more research. That will assist you in identifying main areas from your end consumers and coming up with a solution to the difficulties.

2)Examine Your Concept Among Your Peers - a person always thing his/her idea is skyrocketing. Don't always think your idea will always be successful. Let other people also analyze the product idea. They will be able to give a better image of a product idea. Go and talk to professionals that provide startup marketing services. They will assist you better.

3) Obtain Accurate Financial Projections- Having accurate financial projections about your product is necessary. You should definitely have the resources to increase your offerings for a product to be scalable in the market space. Examine later, how well your product will perform after it is out in the market for testing.

4) Establish Feedback Loops- Having feedback loops will definitely help you have an idea. What your investor is hoping?

This feedback from your end-market user(consumer) will help in having an accurate idea about your product.

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