12 Careers To Pursue With An Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Did you know that an extensive study by Amazon Web Services revealed that there will be 9 times more digital marketers by 2025? You read that right! It is safe to say that digital marketers are one of the most sought-after professionals today. No wonder there is a growing trend in young people seeking advanced digital marketing courses in Chennai. If you want to be head-hunted by industry leaders, then learning digital marketing is in your best interest.

Here are some of the many careers that you can open yourself to by enrolling for an advanced digital marketing course in Chennai -

WordPress Expert– With WordPress, you can learn custom UI designing of your website and understand how to host your website and take it to live.

Search Engine Optimisation Expert – Having expert knowledge on how to get your page to rank on the first page on Google is what SEO is all about.

Pay Per Click Expert – Best practice on how to design search and display paid advertising on Google’s advertising platform.

Social Media Marketer – Running relevant and trendy social media campaigns with the aim to capture your target market on social media channels is a key skill to learn.

Email Marketer – Did you know that personalized emails have 6x more open rates compared to generic emails? Such valuable insights and much more are things you learn under email marketing.

Mobile Marketer – More than half of today’s social media users browse on their mobiles. This makes mobile marketing a hotspot to run mobile ads and marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Strategy – Digital strategists build holistic campaigns by bringing in all the elements of digital marketing and furthering your business objectives with a sound strategy.

Content Marketer – The power of content is underrated. Learning how to leverage long-form content such as blog posts, e-guides, and whitepapers to capture more leads is a part of advanced digital marketing.

Ad Copywriter – Writing a clever copy can capture a user’s attention. Your target market requires captivating content to be drawn to your product and ad copywriting helps with that.

Project Manager – Running and managing large teams and projects to generate good results consistently is the hallmark of a great project manager and it requires a fundamental understanding of digital marketing.

Brand Manager – Learning what makes a brand stand out is only possible when you understand the principles of branding. Brand managers are successful digital marketers who have carved out a niche for themselves.

Public Relations – An essential part of building your brand via digital marketing is how your relationship is with your customers and clients. With good PR, you can boost your brand and become a trendsetter in the market.

Without a doubt, an advanced digital marketing course with proper certification can help you land jobs in various domains. If you are looking for the right Digital Marketing training institute in Chennai, then Digital Academy 360 is the place to be at. With their advanced Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing with AI, you can become a digital wizard in just 8 months. Learn the skills today that can shape your career tomorrow.
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