Best Wrecking Yards in Melbourne

A wrecking yard, otherwise known as a wrecker locally, is a place where old decommissioned vehicles and wreckages are dismantled and their parts sold. The parts that are still usable are sold to car owners and other auto parts stores, while the expendable parts are sold to metal recycling companies.

Wrecking cars Melbourne goes by several names, including wreck yard, breaker’s yard, scrapheap, dismantlers, and salvage yard but primarily they operate in the same way. In Australia, there are many wreckers with some having been in business for over a decade. If you want to get rid of an old vehicle, all you have to do is contact a wrecker.

The specialised wreckers give better services because they work with a particular model. These include Toyota wreckers, Holden wreckers and Ford wreckers. To help prevent frauds, wreckers are required to register as second-hand dealers. If you’re out for some auto parts, check out our top 10 Wrecking cars Melbourne on

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