Do you want to know about the treatment for Clubfoot?

If your child has clubfoot, there are many different ways to treat it such as Clubfoot Surgery. Stretching and bracing can help in some cases, but surgery may be needed in more complex issues. The MD Orthopaedics Surgeons says that clubfoot happens in about 600 live births out of every 1,000 babies. To this point, it isn't clear why boys are more likely than girls to get clubfoot.

Children born with clubfoot are also more likely to have hip dysplasia (DDH) when the thigh bone's socket moves out of place. If any severe symbols indicate you must rush to get treatment for clubfoot offered by experts only.

Their feet increase during the first few years of a child's life. A brace must be worn to keep a clubfoot that has been repaired from growing too rapidly and ending up in the wrong place. This method is considered as the most effective treatment for clubfoot.

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