Are Car starter motor problems easy to detect?

A car starter, aka starter motor, is responsible for turning over and cranking the engine. It is located within the engine and consists of an electric motor powered by the car battery. The starter motor is attached to a solenoid that engages the starter motor's drive gear to rotate the starter gear. As the car starter motor turns, the engine turns over and sucks in air and fuel, allowing combustion to take place. With its job done, the starter motor then disengages.

You may be experiencing car starter issues. Car starter motor problems start to show earlier on, which is unlike most car issues that are not as easily detected. Once you notice the problem, you should get it fixed right away and prevent it from worsening. And there you have it. Five easily identifiable signs that your car starter motor is faulty. Don't take these signs lightly. You need to address the issue immediately to avoid more damage to the car starter and other parts, resulting in even costlier repairs. If you’ve confirmed the need to replace your faulty starter motor or other car parts, make sure that you get the best quality.

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