How can I change my flight ticket date at Air France?
If you're unsure, ask How can I change the date on my Air France airline ticket? At Air France, changing a flight is simple. Please read on to learn how to adjust your Air France flight ticket date and whether your reservation qualifies for changes or not.
With any unrestricted fare type or if you have purchased flexibility, changing your travel date and itinerary is a breeze.
There are three options for passengers to request an Air France change of flight or change of departure date:
• First, go to the website and log in to the My Trip section using your Air France booking number.
• Go to the "My Trip" area and click the "Change my booking" link if you want to make changes to your reservation.
• Find and choose the new date, time, or location that you want to use.
• All Air France change fees and ticket variations are disclosed.
• Select your preferred payment option and click the Confirm My New Flight button to pay the Air France flight change fee. After a successful payment, you will receive an email at the address you provided with your new, changed flight date.
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